So, Quite a Lot Has Happened Recently

The Kickstarter: Funded and Beyond!

It took just under five hours to fully fund the essential physical copy of the Wildsea, and in the five days since we’ve reached just over 350% of our funding goal, with more than a thousand backers. It probably doesn’t need to be said, but we’re definitely going to say it anyway – we’re incredibly excited, thrilled and honoured that so many of you have thrown your support and belief into the Wildsea. Thank you all, so very much.

We’ve made an update on the kickstarter talking about our plans for the future in more detail, but I’ll reiterate them here – we’re going to add a few more interesting pieces of content (one of which was funded this morning), but nothing huge and time-consuming. We want the Wildsea to get to you on time and in full.

The Quickstart: Soon to be Expanded

We’ve had a massive amount of feedback on the Free Wildsea Quickstart, and it’s pretty clear that we wouldn’t have achieved the level of funding we have so far if we’d been more secretive with our plans, art and materials. To keep up the theme of openness we’ll be releasing a new, expanded version of the Quickstart at the end of the Kickstarter backing period in celebration, a pdf sturdy enough for you to take a crew through an entire campaign atop the rustling waves.

This new Quickstart will be made available to Kickstarter backers, but also to members of the Discord – there are individuals out there who, though they can’t support us monetarily, have played games, spread the word and participated in making our little community a bright and vibrant place.

If you want access to the Quickstart update when it releases but can’t afford to back the project, Discord is the way to go.

My Thanks: Boundless

Really, we couldn’t have done this without you. Whether you’ve backed or not, played or not, ever said a word to any of us or even just skimmed this over a cup of coffee, thank you. I’ll close this out now and get back to writing – a lot is already done, but we’re far from finished.

Look forward to good things. I am.


Additional Note: As I write this, England is crashing quickly toward another month-long quarantine. We’re lucky enough, and decentralized enough, that this doesn’t have much of an effect on the production of the Wildsea, but it’s definitely a stark reminder that outside forces can change your circumstances extremely quickly.

Stay safe, people.

Free August Playtest Guide

My life has been a whirlwind of playtesting, editing and incorporating feedback over the last few months, and the world of the Wildsea is finally starting to come together. To celebrate, here’s a new thing for eveyone – the updated free playtest guide, a condensed set of rules with enough content to run a one-shot or a small story lasting several sessions. It doesn’t contain everything I’ve been workin on, but hopefully just enough to give a firm feeling for both the mechanics of the Wild Words engine and the setting of the Rustling Waves.

And here it is!

This is the biggest step forward I’ve taken in a while, and it’s a hell of a scary one. That said, I’d also like to thank the artists, playtesters, idea-mongers and friendly editors that have helped out this year.

I hope good things for us all.



So it took longer than I’d hoped, but a massive thanks to the RPGCreation community for helping me get a few public playtests off the ground.

And they have been… a time.

The Good: Playtesting revealed flaws and oddities of the various Wildsea systems almost immediately. All of them fixable, luckily, but some of them still needing fine-tuning.

The characters that people have come up with have been fantastic. It was a gamble not putting pre-gens into the playtest materials, but it paid dividends.

Watching the people add lore and history to the world as games progressed has been fascinating, and has made me far more secure in my own worldbuilding.

I got to be a player in my own system. A truly surreal experience, and one I’ve been looking forward to for years.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing, other than some sleepless nights filled with worry and several dreams about mechanical implementation.

Playtesting has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience so far, and many thanks to all of the internet strangers who have stepped up and adventured in the world of the Wildsea!