So it took longer than I’d hoped, but a massive thanks to the RPGCreation community for helping me get a few public playtests off the ground.

And they have been… a time.

The Good: Playtesting revealed flaws and oddities of the various Wildsea systems almost immediately. All of them fixable, luckily, but some of them still needing fine-tuning.

The characters that people have come up with have been fantastic. It was a gamble not putting pre-gens into the playtest materials, but it paid dividends.

Watching the people add lore and history to the world as games progressed has been fascinating, and has made me far more secure in my own worldbuilding.

I got to be a player in my own system. A truly surreal experience, and one I’ve been looking forward to for years.

The Bad: Absolutely nothing, other than some sleepless nights filled with worry and several dreams about mechanical implementation.

Playtesting has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience so far, and many thanks to all of the internet strangers who have stepped up and adventured in the world of the Wildsea!


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