Free August Playtest Guide

My life has been a whirlwind of playtesting, editing and incorporating feedback over the last few months, and the world of the Wildsea is finally starting to come together. To celebrate, here’s a new thing for eveyone – the updated free playtest guide, a condensed set of rules with enough content to run a one-shot or a small story lasting several sessions. It doesn’t contain everything I’ve been workin on, but hopefully just enough to give a firm feeling for both the mechanics of the Wild Words engine and the setting of the Rustling Waves.

And here it is!

This is the biggest step forward I’ve taken in a while, and it’s a hell of a scary one. That said, I’d also like to thank the artists, playtesters, idea-mongers and friendly editors that have helped out this year.

I hope good things for us all.