Cults & Factions: The Writlings


Principles: Paper is Gold, Promenade in Finery
Main Territory: None
Members: An equal mix of bloodlines

The writlings are a cult devoted to the unearthing and repurposing of ancient documents, with a particular focus on paper money, contracts and books. Most writling communities are rootless, nomadic scavenger crews picking over ruins and delving into the Under-Eaves. Rarely violent to outsiders unless provoked, the hierarchy of the cult is related directly to the finery a member wears.

As the efforts of delvers increase across the waves, some writling cults have schismed and split. The most prominent of these are the magpies, a more militant and organized group divinely driven to acquire ancient wealth in any form (anything from pre-verdant coins to gold and silver ornamentation).

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