Hazards of the Wildsea: The Lion’s Mane

(Large Plant Horror)

A burst of golden petals sitting atop four wide, spider-spread limbs, the lion’s mane is a hunting plant with a taste for blood. Usually moving in pairs they attack in tandem, one rampaging wildly through an area and the other leaping upon any prey that flee the carnage.


Sight: Toothmarks flecked with golden dust. Sun-coloured petals flexing and rippling in anticipation.
Sound: A rattling lion-like roar.
Smell: Old blood and sweet pollen.
Taste: Hearty, earthy flavour for the limbs. Boiling the petals gives them an appealing sugary note.


Blood-Hunger: They tend to ignore creatures without hot blood in their veins.
Pair Tactics: One lion’s mane will usually begin an encounter in hiding, using the other as a distraction before leaping in for the attack.
Toothen Petals: Though the petals themselves are soft, they’s studded with tooth-like spines (Spike/Keen/Swallow).
Impaling Limbs: Tough like old roots, the lion’s mane limbs end in wickedly sharp points (Spike/Impale).


Twin-Mane:A mutated lion’s mane with multiple petal-mouths, a ship-sized solo hunter.


Specimens: Maw-Petals, Root-Like Hide
Whispers: Drawn to Blood, One Lies in Wait

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