Character Sheets

Nothing final yet, and sadly not yet a fillable PDF form either, but here’s a rough version of a potential character sheet. While I’m not yet happy with the formatting, it does have space for everything that needs to be there.

Thoughts for the Future

Needs clarity in Aspects section

Resources section feels crowded even when empty

Text and font work needs updating

Could look a lot prettier in general, really

Cults & Factions: The Writlings


Principles: Paper is Gold, Promenade in Finery
Main Territory: None
Members: An equal mix of bloodlines

The writlings are a cult devoted to the unearthing and repurposing of ancient documents, with a particular focus on paper money, contracts and books. Most writling communities are rootless, nomadic scavenger crews picking over ruins and delving into the Under-Eaves. Rarely violent to outsiders unless provoked, the hierarchy of the cult is related directly to the finery a member wears.

As the efforts of delvers increase across the waves, some writling cults have schismed and split. The most prominent of these are the magpies, a more militant and organized group divinely driven to acquire ancient wealth in any form (anything from pre-verdant coins to gold and silver ornamentation).