Don’t Forget Your Towel!

The lovely crew of Don’t Forget Your Towel have just published the second part of their Wildsea adventure, tracking the ruin-delving exploits of the Star-Serpent crew as they balance a search for salvage with helping their fellow wildsailors. The first part is here too, just in case you missed it.

There’s a lot I could say about this podcast, both in terms of the amazing time I had recording it with them and how pleased I am with the final result. Listening to the raw audio files was a treat, but hearing the final versions of these with their backing tracks, sound effects and diligent cutting of off-topic nonsense is an absolute joy!

But I think what I appreciate most was the transformative nature of their work. The time they dedicated to making sure we could showcase each part of the quickstart system, the movement from scenes to montages to journeys, the willingness to throw themselves against serious obstacles and to take time thinking their way through options. They played great characters with excellent rapport, and turned what could have been a simple playtest session into a story.

I couldn’t have asked for anything more. 🙂

Give it a listen if you’re in the mood for more Wildsea content, follow them on twitter @DFYT_Podcast, or check out their other shows if you want something a little different!


Interview with Flail Forward: The Mechanical and Narrative Design of the Wildsea

Just a quick update, the stream I guested on for Flail Forward is now up on their twitch page. If you’re interested in some game-design reasoning or juicy behind the scenes truths (and there are a few), feel free to listen in here.

– Felix