Art Showcase: Low Sour Script

A decorative script designed by the shipwrights at the New Chthonica Shipyards, Low Sour is now found printed across ship-hulls and shop signs in every reach of the Wildsea. Designed more to be functional than beautiful, the strong straight anchor line of Low Sour acts as a useful measure of hull integrity – if the script begins to warp and bend, your ship hull is in desperate need of re-sealing against the chemicals and parasites of the rustling waves.

The Low Sour script was created with the Longjaw in mind, each character with a slight back-swing to represent the teeth of a sawblade. It’s read left to right, and can be written without the anchoring line at the top of each character when used for a shop-sign or printed document. The flowing upswing on the far left of the example text represents the beginning of a sentence or fragment.

This may not quite be the final versio,n but it feels pretty close. Of course, it mangles the text on the previous Longjaw image, but hopefully I can keep it pretty consistent from here on.