Get Ready for Something Big!

I’ve had a lot of feedback over the past weeks, and one of the most consistent topics has been people sorry to have missed out on the art-creation funding tiers. They went fast – which is great! – but it did leave some people disappointed.

It’s time to rectify that, at least a little. 🙂

+ After conversation with our publisher Ray and our monster artist, Shmeckerel, we’ve decided to…

+ Raise the number of slots open for people to contribute a monster.

+ Possibly raise the number of slots for the people to snag a cameo.

+ And to add a whole new tier – Leviathans!

Though limited in number, backers at the Leviathan tier will be able to work with me to design a titanic creature, a living legend that holds dominance over a swathe of the rustling waves. Leviathans are expected to get a full page of art and text to themselves too, as befits their colossal status!

Details on the precise time these new slots and options go live will be posted soon. There’s at least a few days to go yet – we don’t want to catch anybody off guard.

I look forward to your creativity!


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