Art Showcase: Ardent Headhunter

So, in an effort to try to show off some more of the art I’ve had from Omercan and Pierre over the last couple of years, an art showcase feels appropriate.

Here’s the first piece – the Ardent Headhunter.

Death is common on the Wildsea – the sea is a hungry place. But that death usually comes at the hands of beasts, poison or predatory plants, accidents on deck or the eager bloodthirst of pirates… Rarely from those so civilized as the headhunters.

The headhunters of the sprawling western reaches aren’t assassins, in the traditional sense. They can’t be hired or paid off, and view factional squabbling and resource-based wars as unfortunate matters best left alone. Instead they hunt self-chosen targets pulled from a pool of who they consider the most dangerous – those reckless sorts that deign to use open flame on the rustling waves.

Nobody outside of their inner circle knows quite how they manage to identify such offenders. Is it the stink of smoke on their clothes, such an alien smell in a world without fire? A sense of transgression that clings to them, long after the last embers die? The look of guilt in their eyes? Perhaps it’s best not to know these things.

Art by Omercan Cirit for the Wildsea TRPG

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