The Cargopede (Scuttling Sunday)

Snub-nosed centipedes as wide around as a cart, cargopedes have become a choice beast of burden for certain vertically-constructed ports and settlements. Their myriad legs and natural climbing ability allows them to use walls, rooftops and ropeways to transport cargo from sea-level to the loftiest heights with ease.

The segmented backs of cargopedes are concave, rigged with hooks, chains and netting for a team of loaders to secure trunks and boxes to their shells. Once fully loaded a cargopede’s driver (usually riding a saddle mounted just behind the head) will spur it forward and up to a group of unloaders at its destination.

Though a common sight all across the Hammerhead Drift, cargopedes are bred and trained exclusively in Iris, the monument city of the Petafract. 

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