What is the Wildsea?

A tabletop roleplaying game. That’s one way to look at it, I suppose.

Or an idea that dominated my last few years. That works too.

But there’s probably a better way to describe it, somehow. A way more true.

The Wildsea is an expanse of rustling waves, reaching to the horizon. A churning ocean of treetops bursting with life & secrets, torn apart by the passage of chainsaw-driven ships & regrowing with terrifying vigour in their wake. An explosion of root & trunk & vine that ate the old world, & both a terror & bounty for anyone that survived to see the new.

The Wildsea is this…

Illustration © Pierre Demet 2018

And this…

Illustration © Pierre Demet 2018

And this.

Illustration © Pierre Demet 2018

And it begs to be explored.